Practice interviews with AI, not your dog.

Customize the interview to you

Sure it's great to practice interviews for a generic UX role. But have you ever wondered if you'd pass a hard-hitting technical interview conducted by King Arthur for that specific job you're looking at, given your particular resume?

Pro Mode

Unlock the ability to create custom interviews tailored to your job and resume.

What’s included

  • Custom job description
  • More powerful AI
  • Configurable length and difficulty
  • Questions tailored to your resume
  • More interviewer personalities and roles
  • Encouragement from a robot pretending to be on your side

50 Practice Interviews

$9.99 USD

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Refunds available upon request.


What our clients say about us

“Balancing my conflicting personas was always a struggle, but the Interview Automaton helped me present my expertise as a chemist and physician professionally. I've secured a research position, studying the complexities of human nature and the mind.”

Dr. Jekyll

“The Interview Automaton was a true fairy godmother in my quest for a fulfilling career! It helped me transform my communication skills, allowing me to eloquently express my unique experiences and abilities. I landed my dream job as an event planner, creating magical moments for others. I can't thank the Interview Automaton enough for making my dreams come true!”


“Transitioning from an ancient vampire to a modern professional wasn't easy. The Interview Automaton helped me adapt my timeless wisdom to contemporary settings, allowing me to secure a position as a cultural historian and consultant.”


“Emerging from the ocean depths to a new career on land was daunting. The Interview Automaton guided me in articulating my curiosity and resilience, and I'm now a passionate marine conservationist and ocean ambassador.”

The Little Mermaid

“Although skilled in music and arts, my enigmatic persona posed challenges during interviews. The Interview Automaton taught me to express my creative talents professionally, and I've now established a career as a sought-after composer and artistic director.”

The Phantom of the Opera

“Obsession once controlled my life, but the Interview Automaton taught me to channel that energy into determination and focus. Now, I'm a renowned maritime historian and motivational speaker, guiding others to avoid the pitfalls of fixation.”

Captain Ahab